Traditional marketed meats as a reservoir of multidrug-resistant Escherichia coli

Fernando Guibert, Kathya Espinoza, Clara Taboada-Blanco, Carla A. Alonso, Rosario Oporto, Angie K. Castillo, Beatriz Rojo-Bezares, María López, Yolanda Sáenz, Maria J. Pons, Joaquim Ruiz

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This study aimed to analyze Escherichia coli from marketed meat samples in Peru. Sixty-six E. coli isolates were recovered from 21 meat samples (14 chicken, 7 beef), and antimicrobial resistance levels and the presence of mechanisms of antibiotic resistance, as well as clonal relationships and phylogeny of colistin-resistant isolates, were established. High levels of antimicrobial resistance were detected, with 93.9% of isolates being multi-drug resistant (MDR) and 76.2% of samples possessing colistin-resistant E. coli; of these, 6 samples from 6 chicken samples presenting mcr-1-producer E. coli. Colistin-resistant isolates were classified into 22 clonal groups, while phylogroup A (15 isolates) was the most common. Extended-spectrum β-lactamase- and pAmpC-producing E. coli were found in 18 and 8 samples respectively, with bla CTX-M-55 (28 isolates; 16 samples) and bla CIT (8 isolates; 7 samples) being the most common of each type. Additionally, bla CTX-M-15, bla CTX-M-65, bla SHV-27, bla OXA-5/10-like, bla DHA, bla EBC and narrow-spectrum bla TEM were detected. In addition, 5 bla CTX-M remained unidentified, and no sought ESBL-encoding gene was detected in other 6 ESBL-producer isolates. The tetA, tetE and tetX genes were found in tigecycline-resistant isolates. This study highlights the presence of MDR E. coli in Peruvian food-chain. The high relevance of CTX-M-55, the dissemination through the food-chain of pAmpC, as well as the high frequency of unrelated colistin-resistant isolates is reported.

Original languageEnglish
JournalInternational Microbiology
StateAccepted/In press - 2023


  • CTX-M-55
  • Colistin resistance
  • Extended-spectrum β-lactamases
  • Food microbiology
  • mcr-1
  • pAmpC


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