Prevalence of stroke survival in rural communities living in northern Peru

Luz M. Moyano, Silvia M. Montano, Percy Vilchez Barreto, Narcisa Reto, Luis Larrauri, Nicanor Mori, Mario Cornejo-Olivas, Erik Guevara-Silva, Fernando Urizar, Enrique Najar, Ricardo Gamboa, Cintya Azabache, Raquel Herrer Ticse, Lucia Bolivar-Herrada, Alex Doud, Peggy Martinez, J. Jaime Miranda, Joseph R. Zunt, Hector H. García

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Background and purpose Stroke is the leading cause of neurological impairment in the South American Andean region. However, the epidemiology of stroke in the region has been poorly characterized. Methods We conducted a staged three-phase population-based study applying a validated eightquestion neurological survey in 80 rural villages in Tumbes, northern Peru, then confirmed presence or absence of stroke through a neurologist's examination to estimate the prevalence of stroke. Results Our survey covered 90% of the population (22,278/24,854 individuals, mean age 30±21.28, 48.45% females), and prevalence of stroke was 7.05/1,000 inhabitants. After direct standardization to WHO's world standard population, adjusted prevalence of stroke was 6.94/ 1,000 inhabitants. Participants aged ≥85 years had higher stroke prevalence (>50/1000 inhabitants) compared to other stratified ages, and some unusual cases of stroke were found among individuals aged 25-34 years. The lowest age reported for a first stroke event was 16.8 years. High blood pressure (aPR 4.2 [2.7-6.4], p>0.001), and sedentary lifestyle (aPR 1.6 [1.0-2.6], p = 0.045) were more prevalent in people with stroke. Conclusions The age-standardized prevalence of stroke in this rural coastal Peruvian population was slightly higher than previously reported in studies from surrounding rural South American settings, but lower than in rural African and Asian regions. The death rate from stroke was much higher than in industrialized and middle-income countries.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0254440
JournalPLoS ONE
Issue number7 July
StatePublished - Jul 2021
Externally publishedYes


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