Mortalidad por enfermedad renal crónica en el Perú: Tendencias nacionales 2003-2015

Translated title of the contribution: Mortality from chronic kidney disease in Peru: National trends 2003-2015

Rodrigo M. Carrillo-Larco, Antonio Bernabé-Ortiz

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Objectives. To describe the mortality trend due to chronic kidney disease (CKD) in Peru in the period 2003-2015. Materials and Methods. Analysis of secondary data and ecological design. National mortality registries based on death certificates were analyzed. ERC was defined as CIE code 10: N18 in the basic cause. Absolute and relative frequencies of death by ERC are described. To estimate the proportion of deaths by CKD in each region of Peru, a generalized mixed linear model was used. The outcome variable was the proportion of deaths, the independent variables were each region of the country and the year. Results. The analysis included 1,086,778 deaths, of which 25,091 (2.0 % age- and sex-adjusted) were by CKD. During the study period, the average age at death increased by 2.6 years (p<0.001); in addition, the proportion of age- and sex-adjusted CKD deaths was always higher in women. In the observation period, the region with the highest mortality from CKD was Puno (4.1%), and with the lowest mortality was Amazonas (1.1%). Those regions that showed a significantly greater increase than the others were Tacna, La Libertad, Tumbes, Apurímac, Cusco, Ica, Moquegua, Ayacucho, Huancavelica and Puno. Conclusions. In the 2003-2015 period, mortality from CKD in Peru has increased; this trend is observed in several regions of the country. Preventive measures, early identification, and access to treatment must be implemented to control this trend.

Translated title of the contributionMortality from chronic kidney disease in Peru: National trends 2003-2015
Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)409-415
Number of pages7
JournalRevista Peruana de Medicina Experimental y Salud Publica
Issue number3
StatePublished - 1 Jul 2018
Externally publishedYes


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